Lest We Forget

pexels-photo-432532.jpeg“Let us pray for the victims of war:
For the wounded and the dead.
For those who mourn and are afflicted.
For the earth and its innocent creatures –
Now mutilated and in disarray.
For the aggrieved and suffering souls –
Now bombed into submission and tormented silence.
For the scales of justice –
Now locked in false balance.”   (Michael Leunig)

Lest we forget the tragedy, human cost and suffering of ANZAC Cove and of Myall Creek, of Poland, of Germany, of Britain, of Japan, of Vietnam, of Afghanistan, of Sri Lanka, of Rwanda, of Iraq, of Sudan, of Syria, of…..

Lest we forget those subjected to tyrrany, persecution and abuse in, around, behind and before war. Lest we forget those with no home to rest their bodies and no safe place to rest their heads.

And lest we forget the brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and children punished by the Australian government for trying to find peace.   #LestWeForgetManusAndNauru
The scales of justice now locked in false balance.