Blog Index

Lest We Forget  (Anzac Day musing.  Published April 25, 2018)

Christmas, Australian Style (A cartoon depicting reality, and a prayer for what is hoped for.  Published December 18, 2015)

In Alan’s Tiny Shoes (Our compassion should demand change. Posted September 12, 2015)

Bare Life and Immigration Detention (Essay by Sophie Cusworth. Posted January 31, 2015)

Merry Christmas, Mr Morrison (An open Christmas greeting to Australia’s Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.  Posted December 17, 2014)

The Bill of Horror (Call to action to oppose the Migration and Maritime Powers Legislation Amendment Bill 2014.  Posted October 22, 2014)

Living Deliberately (A tribute.  Posted September 6, 2014)

The Pacific Solution is No Solution (Humane alternatives to Liberal and Labor Refugee Policy.  Posted August 6, 2014)

It’s Refugee Week (And there is no justice.  Posted June 18, 2014)

Voyage of the Damned (The history of the UN Refugee Convention.  Posted May 3, 2014)

Operation Anywhere But Here (Speech given at a rally for justice for asylum seekers, in Geelong, Victoria.  Posted April 6, 2014)

Dear Mr Morrison (An open letter to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.  Posted February 28, 2014)

Just Like Me (Who are asylum seekers? Posted January 30, 2014)

Victimisation By The Book (Strategy to systematically destroy already traumatised people.  Posted December 18, 2013)

The Depths of Indecency (Temporary Protection Visas.  Posted December 4, 2013)

Dared to Ask (Australia’s response to ‘boat people’.  Posted November 19, 2013)

Just Desserts (What do people really deserve? Posted November 3, 2013)

When a spade is not a spade  (Observations on Australia’s asylum seeker policies. Posted October 25, 2013)

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